The theme for Vidzeme Innovation week 2023  IMPROVISATION

Each year, Vidzeme Planning Region, as the initiative's founder, calls for an in-depth look at one of the factors or concepts essential for the successful development of innovation capacity. We also want to bring another theme to Vidzeme's agenda in 2023 to encourage, debate, and use ideas and knowledge for work.


Improvisation plays a significant role in the innovation process and is an instrument for creating sustainable innovations. Particularly effective improvisation can be in changing circumstances and when time and resources are limited. 

Improvising makes it possible on the spot, in cooperation with others, to create a solution for virtually nothing in a creative chaos that has its order and without fear of failure.

It's a team game in which individual skills and experiences are combined with intuition and creativity. A multi-scale view of the same problem allows you to find the best solution.


Can I always improvise? Can the public administration, for example, afford to be creative? Can complicated technological processes afford to be creative, and can there be opportunities and a desire to violate the seemingly strictly regulated borders? There may be situations where creativity has no place, but perhaps we just think so.


Why to attend

In 2023, Vidzeme Innovation Week will be organized in Vidzeme for the fifth time. 

Vidzeme Planning Region encourages to integrate innovation into daily life and to change the notion that innovation is only about technology or programming. Vidzeme Innovation Week is an ensemble of events that take place throughout the region within five days, aiming to encourage existing and future employees, entrepreneurs and managers to see the potential of innovation in their everyday work. Sometimes it is necessary to encourage, sometimes – to meet the right people, sometimes – to get the confirmation that it is time to act!

Innovation begins with a change in thinking. Vidzeme is changing.

Listen, find out, meet your researcher or a new partner. The Innovation Week is a platform for new initiatives and new goals.

To dare
To dare

Innovation can be present in any company, farm, and even public administration. Everything starts with a desire to change. And no matter who you are – an employee, an entrepreneur, auxiliary worker, an idea generator or a researcher. Be brave and look around! See and evaluate what opportunities are there for you!

Know how
Know how

Innovation is not just high-tech solutions, and it can be affordable for everyone. The resource that is at your disposal hides more value than you would initially expect. Just look at it from a different angle. Sometimes the invented wheel stands just behind the corner – take it as a basis and proceed!

To do
To do

Crowded conferences and seminars are not rare. But how much of what we have heard we have also tried to incorporate into our daily lives? What matters to us is doing. There are no borders, neither for opportunities nor for innovation. Get started!


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals endorsed by the United Nations (UN) are binding on everyone, both nationally and individually. Success is in the interest of us all, both now and in the future.

Taken together, the chosen objectives have the potential to stimulate innovation, strengthen economic growth and development. In addition, they show new business directions.

It is clear that the usual business environment needs to change in order to achieve its goals.

In order to achieve the intended results and discover new business opportunities, it is necessary to strengthen knowledge and contacts, and competitors will need to become partners.

There’s No I In Team.

Vidzeme Planning Region draws attention to three sustainable development goals during Vidzeme Innovation Week 2021.


In order to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, Vidzeme region attaches special importance to strengthening the capacities and knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises. We strive to create a business environment that encourages companies to be ambitious - to harness the potential of science and research, to make innovations everyday, to be creative and to focus on high value-added end products. But do so in a responsible way, respecting the environment and not harming your fellow human beings.


The infrastructure and innovation capacity of the industry are essential for maintaining sustainability. The infrastructure must be of good quality, reliable, sustainable and sustainable. There is tremendous potential in collaboration, the ability to share and see business opportunities, not just in commodity trading, but also to offer unique technologies and skills as a service. Internationalization is not just an export, many resources and infrastructure can be found in foreign markets and can be used for business development and prosperity in the region.


We have resources in our hands that are unlocking untapped potential. Combined with responsible consumption patterns and improved production models, it is possible to ensure sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. Be aware of the residues that can be transformed into new products or minimize them, attract scientists, try or adapt new technologies, or create your own unique - it's interesting, responsible, and promising. It is the beginning of a quality life on Earth and new business ideas.

“Without innovation, today's business environment is impossible, competition is huge, and it is innovation that must become an instrument for greater competitiveness in both internal and external markets, which makes the company more able to earn.”
Aigars Rostovskis, the President of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“The growth of the entire Latvian economy depends largely on the economic strength and development of the regions. In turn, the competitive advantages and excellence of the regions are closely linked to the availability of educated, creative, open and enterprising people in all areas - both in companies and in state and municipal institutions. Your employees are your best asset, invest in them!”
Mārtiņš Jansons, Deputy Head of Innovation Policy Division, Ministry of Economics of Latvia
“Innovative people think broadly. They are not shaken by the failure of Plan A, because they already have other ways to achieve the goal. This ability to be creative and adapt quickly is definitely an important prerequisite for success and development.”
Ilze Zariņa, Wunder Latvia, Business administrator