27.02. - THURSDAY
Vidzeme Innovation conference "Responsible innovation"
Vidzemes koncertzāle Cēsis, Raunas iela 12, Cēsis
09:00 - 18:30
Are the bio-economy, circular economy, open data and innovative services only hot topics everybody use, or are they really hiding the answers? Are all of them seemingly unfamiliar, just on the agenda of individual countries, or do we have our own Latvian examples, which are both innovative and environmentally friendly and relevant to society and environmental ecosystem? What we have and what we lack? Does Vidzeme have power now and will it have power in the future? Let us talk about those resources that are seemingly numerous, but which still conceal unrealized potential.
Discover the Bioeconomy Pop-up Store
During Vidzeme Innovation Week you will have the opportunity to visit a Bio-based Pop-up Store, with products from all over Europe. The store will be build up at Lielā Skolas iela 6 in Cesis and be open from 24.02 – 28.2. The exact opening times are announced in the official event programme of Vidzeme Innovation Week. Entry is free of charge!
Free visit during office / business hours.
Vidzemes koncertzāle Cēsis, Raunas iela 12, Cēsis
09:30 - 18:00
We can answer the question whether entrepreneurs can work across borders “Yes, they can, they wish and they join forces.” 19 Latvian small and medium sized enterprises have participated in cross-border cooperation in development of new products and services. On February 27, during the Vidzeme Innovation Conference, we will present three innovative products and services developed with involvements of entrepreneurs from Vidzeme.
Free visit during office / business hours.
Digital maturity test for businesses
Raunas iela 12, Cēsis
09:30 - 17:00
At, every Latvian business executive can assess his or her company's digital maturity by completing the Digital Maturity Test. The test is designed in a simple way where the business manager needs to evaluate to what extent IT solutions are used to manage the core functions of a business/company.
Free visit during office / business hours.