25.02. - TUESDAY
#GovLabLatvia Value Workshop
Ābeļu iela 2, Gulbene.
The Value Workshop aims to inform the employees working in a public administration about values and basic ethical principles of the public administration, as well as to encourage discussion on the development of a value-based culture in the public administration.
Entrance by invitation.
Design Thinking for Business - A workshop for entrepreneurs
Design Elevator birojs, Lielā Skolas iela 6, Cēsis
10:00 - 12:00
A hands-on workshop with Charles Bushman, one of the founders of Design Elevator, during which participants will work on new products using design thinking methods. During the workshop, you will find out how design thinking contributes to innovation, process efficiency and a deeper understanding of user needs.
You must register in advance to participate!
Conference “Innovative Social Services”
Koncertzāle "Valmiera", Leona Paegles iela 10, Valmiera, LV-4201
10:00 - 17:00
During the Vidzeme Innovation Week this year, we will also discuss innovations in the provision of social services. Listening to industry experts and opinion leaders, we will try to answer the questions: How good social services are formed? Who initiates them? Why do some of these services evolve and some “die”? Does technology help deliver social services? In what way? /Exactly how? How open are companies and organizations in the industry in implementing new and innovative services?
"theLAB Cēsis" Open Days for businesses and individuals
Piebalgas iela 3, Cēsis, RTU Cēsu filiāle
10:00 - 16:00
Come to the Cēsis Affiliation of Riga Technical University and learn about the possibilities of 3D printing – what sectors it is used for, what the future holds and what you can do right here at the design lab in Cesis, using 3D printers and other technologies.
You must register in advance to participate!
Discover the Bioeconomy Pop-up Store
Lielā skolas iela 6, Cēsis, LV-4101
09:00 - 17:00
During Vidzeme Innovation Week you will have the opportunity to visit a Bio-based Pop-up Store, with products from all over Europe. The store will be build up at Lielā Skolas iela 6 in Cesis and be open from 24.02 – 28.2.
Free visit during office / business hours.
Experience exchange tour for entrepreneurs in Beverina County
"Pagastmāja", Mūrmuiža, Kauguru pagasts, Beverīnas novads
The purpose of the experience exchange tour is to introduce entrepreneurs from Beverina County to entrepreneurs in the surrounding neighborhoods. With those entrepreneurs who operate according to their own "formula of success", focusing on different types of business that are not typical of the rural area or non-traditional solutions of traditional industries.
Seminar: The Backstage of Artificial Intelligence
Pils iela 4 Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta, LV-4101
13:00 - 14:00
The Movement "Valsts#196" organises a free seminar for business executives, HR, department and team leaders on future technology – artificial intelligence.
You must register in advance to participate!