28.02. - THURSDAY

“Innovation Exhibition” - an illustration of the variety of innovations in Vidzeme

08:30 - 16:15
Koncertzāle "Valmiera", Leona Paegles iela 10, Valmiera
Event Coordinator:
Anita Āboliņa
Phone:  2945 47 52

The aim of the Innovation Exhibition, organized by Vidzeme Planning Region, is to bring the innovative companies and innovations created in Vidzeme to a wider public, and to inspire other entrepreneurs to develop innovations. We are committed to telling and showing good practices in order to form perception of innovations by demonstrating their diversity and importance in the development and competitiveness of the region.


The innovations chosen for this exhibition are not at all the only ones in Vidzeme region, however we believe that any of these stories can be an inspiration for new ideas.


The exhibition introduces 24 innovations in the field of information technology, product design, processes and production technology from 24 companies. These companies represent 17 municipalities in Vidzeme, which financially supported the creation of this exhibition.


Architect Sandis Radziņš participated in the exhibition design process. “The main idea about the visual design of stands was to focus attention of the viewer on the content. For this purpose, I used side edges, which also add to the attractiveness of the overall image of the exhibition,” says Sandis. The side edges of the stands are designed as artistic butterfly wings, whereof the flap, lightness and dynamics symbolize the innovativeness of companies in the region. “I believe that wood as a material is fundamental for this stand design. When there are so many alternative materials to wood in different fields, we should not forget about this valuable resource of Latvia. Timber building structures are also particularly topical in the building sector now. There is a shift from concrete to wood as a sustainable material. The texture of the wood is unique and will remain so. It’s a warm material pleasant to touch,” remarks the architect.


Stands are made in Cēsis, in the carpentry “Ķēniņa galdniecība”, under the care and supervision of carpenter Sandors Pilskallietis. He praises Vidzeme Planning Region for the idea of using wooden stands instead of conventional plastic ones. "The wood, we are working with every day, is an amazing material, that can be built into anything and it fits perfectly into any environment," says the craftsman.



In the photo:

Atex® – Architectural Textiles are high strength glass fabrics, impregnated and coated with translucent or pigmented silicone elastomers.

Wolkenhain observation tower in Berlin, Germany (Atex® 3000 TRL)

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