25.02.2020. - TUESDAY

Experience exchange tour for entrepreneurs in Beverina County

"Pagastmāja", Mūrmuiža, Kauguru pagasts, Beverīnas novads
Event Coordinator:
Marija Melngārša
Phone:  2635 16 28

The purpose of the experience exchange tour is to introduce entrepreneurs from Beverina County to entrepreneurs in the surrounding neighborhoods. With those entrepreneurs who operate according to their own "formula of success", focusing on different types of business that are not typical of the rural area or non-traditional solutions of traditional industries. It is planned to visit several of the characters from the stories of the Innovation Exhibition, which was opened in Vidzeme Innovation Week in 2019. Let's also find out the stories of entrepreneurs who have successfully leveraged European Union funds to develop their businesses. Through the format of such an event, the Municipality of Beverina wants to encourage local entrepreneurs to look for creative solutions to develop their products and services. The municipality is concerned about the rapid development of the business environment and the creation of new jobs in the Beverina area.