Open Door Day at RTU Cēsis Affiliation
Piebalgas iela 3, Cēsis
10:00 - 12:00
A unique opportunity to visit «the LAB Cēsis» before its official opening! Come to the Riga Technical University Cesis branch and learn about the possibilities of 3D printing, what sectors it is used for, what the future promises and what you can do right here at the Cesis Design Lab using 3D printers and other technologies available in «the LAB Cēsis ». REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!
Creative Workshop in Skujene
Skujenes tautas nams, Skujenes pagasts, Amatas novads
10:00 - 14:00
Within the Creative Workshop, the people of Skujene, entrepreneurs and local government employees will be involved in creative activities to identify local resources and gain an assessment of the more creative and productive use of these resources to improve the economic situation.
Latvian Story workshop: Greenovative
Pils iela 21, Rīga
Visiting the Latvian Institute, find out how the decision was made to position Latvia as "greenovative", what it is and how to use it in communication.


Antra Muižniece
Customer transaction manager, Development Finance Institution ALTUM
Aivars Draudiņš
Deputy State Secretary, The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia
Nils Tomass Plētnieks
Student, Valmiera Technical School
Reinis Reķis
family business representative, local brand "Dārznieks"



Panel discussion "Acquiring the European market" (in English)
Vidzeme Innovation Conference, "Innovation for Development", Day2
"How to avoid seemingly fast but short lived victories in business?" (in English)
Vidzeme Innovation Conference, "Innovation for Development", Day2
Stef Röell
"Opportunities of border regions" (in English)
Vidzeme Innovation Conference, "Innovation for Development", Day 1
Kjell Vaagen